Monday, 20 October 2014

Poor Sick me & Weigh In Week 2

After last weeks weigh in, I was totally deflated to be honest with you, I'd felt that I'd had a good week and the scales sadly didn't reflect this. instead of this spurring me onto do better, it peed me off and made me want to binge, cuz at least I could tell you why I was up if I was eating shit!!!

I mentioned last week that I wasn't feeling great (is everyone affected by this crazy weather or just me?)
Last Saturday I woke up and my head cold had taken over!! I was a snotty mess to put it nicely!!

So healthy eating went out the window and I was craving all the comfort food, sugar and hot tea that I could get my paws on!! I thought it would be a 24 hour type things and the worst would pass and I would get back to "normal" ASAP..

WRONG.. I went to work on Monday, got sent home, went to bed, every time I would blow by nose (which was a lot by the way) the room would spin, not good!! So I stayed home from work on Tuesday, slept and stayed wrapped up on the couch all day long sipping Lemsips & eating rubbish (my cold insisted)

I went back to work on Wednesday and was starting to feel better, I also ate well at work, which was progress... baby steps, but progress non the less...

HOWEVER, the little devil that lives in the back of my brain was whispering in my ear "have something nice tonight, sure you'll be up anyways, so might aswell have something nice now.. go on..." So the boy was sent to the garage to buy me a creamy car and chocolate.

I'm not proud of my behavior, nor am I condoning it.. I'm just telling ye what happened!! This was my week and this is my truth!!

So I went to group on Thursday night, expecting a gain because lets face it, I deserved it...

I was up 0.5lbs.. Is it awful that I was happy with this? I don't know how it wasn't a whole lot more.

So I'm back to good and in much better health (although if someone would like to give me a nose replacement, that would be great or shares in Tempo)

I know that if I don't cop on now again than this blog will just become confession posts of an over eater, rather than my diary/ struggles to loose me wobbly bits.

I am aiming to be down 4lbs this Thurs to make up for my 2lb gain in the last 2 weeks.

Do you find it difficult to get back on the wagon after a week off plan/ being sick?

I'm feeling determined

Weight lost to date: 4.0lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Its the little things & Weigh In Week 1

Its the little things

Last week 3 good things happened to me

1. I had a none scale victory and bought my winter coat in a size smaller than I normally would, its     my first Parka style jacket and I love it, I had expected to have to buy it bigger to make it all cosy and snuggly, but no :) Also my boyfriend treated me to it, so it was doubley good

Parka from Tescos

2. I went to Spinning class last Monday evening even tho I wasn't feeling 100% and survived. I was proud of myself for not cancelling when that's what I really wanted to do.

3. I celebrated going out with my boyfriend 3 years by cooking dinner at home.

Dinner cooked by Moi

Cake = 8 syns

So I was feeling good and positive going to group on Thursday evening ( I was also mad to show off my new
I was up 1.5lbs.. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, I felt like I've been pretty good these last few weeks and I saw a result in my new coat this week, so I was expecting a loss on the scales!!

So the gain could be down to exercise or cake, I don't regret either.

I'll take my non scale victory and my gain and keep going.. that's all I can do.......

Weight lost to date: 4.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Monday, 6 October 2014

12 weeks to Christmas Challenge

Last Thursday The Skinny Doll announced her last challenge of the year. (where has this year gone)

12 weeks to Christmas. Check it out here, and just think about it.. in 12 weeks time you could be buying that amazing sparkly dress for your Christmas party in a smaller size....




I will definitely be participating in this and I'm looking forward to it..

Have you set yourself a mini goal for Christmas? If you haven't yet, than maybe this is the challenge you've been waiting for...

**Images from Google Images**

Friday, 3 October 2014

Cork Mini Marathon 2014 & Weigh In

I mentioned last month that I had registered to do the Cork Mini Marathon 2014 on Sunday 28th September 2014.... This was something that I had planned to do since the New Year, although to be honest, I had hoped that I would be running it! But running doesn't seem to be working out for me at the moment! 

So I decided that I would still do it, but I would walk it...

Start Line

Start Line looking ahead

Start Line still but it went waaaaay back

I turned up to the start line on Sunday along with 10,500 other ladies, all ready to go. It seemed that the majority were in groups and walking/ running for charities. I felt a little lost in the big crowd if I'm honest.
At 1pm, we were off, they let both runners and walkers off together and so the first 10/15 mins were mayhem!! We started off at a crawl with everyone bumping off each other, trying to get around each other and runners trying to get through the groups of walkers so they could get going!!
When we hit the 1 mile mark around the Marina, the crowd was a little more sparse and I felt that I had a little more breathing room and space in general. I put on my iPod and just pretended that I was out for my normal walk and not Vicki- no - mates!!
The temperature was rising also as the race got goings, so when it rained, it was a little bit of a relief. Everyone was in high spirits anyway, so a rain shower wasn't going to change that.

When we turned off the Marina and onto the Blackrock road (which is longer & hillier when walking rather than driving) it was lovely to see all the residents out cheering on all the walkers, local shops had set up tables with water, so they could be grabbed along the way. it was very warm, so a lot of people were stopping for a quick sup.  I didn't, I was afraid that if I stopped I wouldn't "start" again (yip like a battered old car!!)

Its fair to say that I haven't been making exercise a priority and I felt it on this walk!!
The relief I felt when I passed the 3 mile mark :) Only 1 more mile to go I told myself, I could do this!!  I was feeling the affects of walking in the heat with no training and no water in me at this stage! I was also very aware that I was completely on my own! But I kept going, I was determined to finish.  The final half mile was on a fairly straight road, so once I caught site of the end, I was happy.. people say that once they see the finish line, they get a new spurt of energy and run to finish.
This did not happen me!! I just about managed to take my phone out to take a photo of the finish line!! (my fingers felt like they'd turned in to sausages!!)

Seeing the finish line was such a relief

I was so relieved to finish!! you wouldn't have thought it had you seen me tho!! I was fit to cry with the relief, not smile and laugh!! My time was taken, I handed in my number, got my medal and grabbed a bottle of water!!

I bumped into my work friend Jen, she had run the 4 miles in 44 mins (Go Jen)
Below is a photo of us taken with our medals

Me & Jen

I wasn't feeling great from the heat to be honest and right after that photo was taken, I was sick.. on the grass.. in front of EVERYONE!! I was more embarrassed than anything else, but I couldn't stop!
I went to sit on the wall and a lovely lady from St Johns Ambulance came over to check on me and told me to sip my water. I think I over heated (like an old car) and was dehydrated from the heat of the day; that's why I was sick!

So with all the drama I never took a pic of me with my medal!! oops!! so this was taken later when I got home...

I did it

So yes, I did complete this years mini marathon but it wasn't the best of times for me!!

In good news, I was down 3 lbs this week.. so I'll take that :)

I hope you've had a good week

Weight lost to date: 6lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A good week is never wasted...

A good week is never wasted... This is the mantra thats been going through my head since I weighed in on Thursday evening. I felt like I'd had a pretty good week and was hoping for a 2/3lbs loss, instead I was up 1 lb. I nearly had a strop on the scales I'm afraid to admit!!! 

So I had to have a think as to what happened me this week..

I came up with 2 possibilities.... one involves me over eating & the other involves... exercise

Last Saturday, it was date night, we went out for Chinese and too the cinema, (lovely says you) and it was BUT they put prawn crackers on the table and I had some (5 = 1.5 syns) I had a starter when I hadn't intended too, 2 BBQ ribs (16 syns) 
Had my usual beef in Black bean sauce with boiled rice (5 syns) BUT I also had "a taste" of himselves chicken balls (4 syns) So my planned dinner was 5 syns. my actual dinner was 26.5.. there's a BIG difference there..
We then went to the cinema and decided to share a tub of ice cream since we hadn't had dessert at dinner! we shared a Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra, which I didn't syn until the following day..
55 SYNS for the full tub!! thankfully I shared, but still 26 syns for Ice cream!!! eeeek
So on Saturday I ate 70 syns... yes 70!

Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra syns

Sunday to Thursday I made sure that I was under 15 syns every day and I also manged to get in 3 lunch time walks. I felt the better for it, I had put my bad day behind me and I was feeling very positive about facing the scales. The reason I'm throwing this in here as a possible reason for a gain on the scales is that with SW exercise can take a few weeks to show along the food optimizing on the scales, I've heard other ladies in group complain about this when they have a gain on a week where the only thing they change is adding some body magic.. 
Now I know this is a long shot with me, especially after my over consumption on Saturday.. but its still a slight possibility... 

Unfortunately the scales didn't go my way this week, but I'm not going to let the last week of good eating and habits go to waste, I'm certain that if I put another good week in, the scales will start to move the right way.. I'm aiming for a loss of 4lbs 

Weight lost to date: 3lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Setting Goals for Sep/ Oct 2014 & Weigh In

Weigh In & Healthy Eating

I'm happy to report that I was down 3.5lbs on Thursday evening, so I was happy with that.. its a good start to getting the "happy holiday pounds" back off.

I must admit, I feel a lot better in myself this week after eating well and drinking lots of water, my belly in working order and the bloated feeling has gone and my skin seems/ feels clearer and best of all I've taken back control.

I know that sounds silly when we're talking about food. Bit when I eat badly its a downward spiral for me, the more crap I eat, the more I crave/want it, the worse I feel and the Guilts,
OH the guilts, they're just awful and so not worth it really!!

But when I'm on plan, eating well, deciding and planning my daily meals, I feel good and have no guilt that I'm saving my syns to get my sugar fix everyday.. Its a better way to be and it suits me better, it keeps my mood swings at bay and its less of a headmelt for me since food is constantly on my mind. Its great to say that I'm loosing weight and still eating chocolate everyday.

Resetting Goals

So I've been thinking that maybe I should reset a few goals for myself for the month ahead to help keep me motivated and focused

1. Stay within my syns everyday and on the Slimming World plan.

2. Get out and walk, even if just for 20 minutes

3. Look for a circuit class/ boot camp or spinning class in my area and book in (I think I need the structure of booking in back in my life)

5. Get my 1 stone cert, 1.5 stone cert, Club 10 award

6. Try new recipes and food.


13 weeks to Christmas, my goal is to buy a gorgeous dress for my Christmas party in a size smaller.
Have you set yourself some goals or targets to get you through the next few months?

Weight lost to date: 4lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Post holiday Weigh In 2014

Post holiday Weigh In

Number of times I've thought about writing this post 15; Number of excuses I've found not to write this post 37 ; Guilty feelings when I “don’t have time” to write this post 50;
Number of good reasons to not write this post 0; Number of reasons that this post is needed/ overdue 10

Time to pull off the plaster and come clean and own up to my weight gain and get it over with!!! Yes, I have been avoiding writing this post since I weighed in last Thursday night!
But what good is that doing to my mental state of mind? None! As you can tell from the beginning of this post, this has been playing on my mind all weekend. (and I also read the new Bridget Jones book on my hols- loved it)

So I’m just going to say it. I was up 9lbs at my weigh in.
Yes, you heard that right.. 9 pounds. It shows how easily I can gain weight when I eat like a crazy lady, let out /off plan for a week!!

The damage has been done, there isn't anything else to be said on this!! (trust me I've had all the conversations possible with myself over the last week- you don't wanna hear my inner monologue)
I knew a gain was coming but had told myself it would be 5 lbs tops!! (oops)

But 9 lbs is one hell of a food baby. I had a lovely holiday, ate what and when I fancied; for me the damage was done by food and coke, rather than alcohol (although I had some of that too)

Yummy Holiday Dessert

I've had mixed emotions about all of this all of last week… dread.. anxiety.. sick.. fear.. dread again… 

I stepped on the scales with my eyes closed, praying for a miracle but expecting the worse and it was confirmed once the numbers settle.

Then the emotions went into overdrive….. sick.. shock.. disgust.. anger.. fear.. guilt.. bad.. bold.. grrr

No one to blame but myself... all my hard work through the summer... undone in under 2 weeks off plan.

This proves how much I need Slimming World and Food Optimizing in my life at the moment, because I have no portion control or self control when "let loose" I'll never be one of those "normal" people that can eat what they like, and I have to accept that and learn how to live like me and how to be good to me and my body.

I felt rotten leaving last Thursday nights weigh in.. 

But I have a plan..... 

Weight lost to date: 0.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)