Saturday, 27 September 2014

A good week is never wasted...

A good week is never wasted... This is the mantra thats been going through my head since I weighed in on Thursday evening. I felt like I'd had a pretty good week and was hoping for a 2/3lbs loss, instead I was up 1 lb. I nearly had a strop on the scales I'm afraid to admit!!! 

So I had to have a think as to what happened me this week..

I came up with 2 possibilities.... one involves me over eating & the other involves... exercise

Last Saturday, it was date night, we went out for Chinese and too the cinema, (lovely says you) and it was BUT they put prawn crackers on the table and I had some (5 = 1.5 syns) I had a starter when I hadn't intended too, 2 BBQ ribs (16 syns) 
Had my usual beef in Black bean sauce with boiled rice (5 syns) BUT I also had "a taste" of himselves chicken balls (4 syns) So my planned dinner was 5 syns. my actual dinner was 26.5.. there's a BIG difference there..
We then went to the cinema and decided to share a tub of ice cream since we hadn't had dessert at dinner! we shared a Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra, which I didn't syn until the following day..
55 SYNS for the full tub!! thankfully I shared, but still 26 syns for Ice cream!!! eeeek
So on Saturday I ate 70 syns... yes 70!

Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra syns

Sunday to Thursday I made sure that I was under 15 syns every day and I also manged to get in 3 lunch time walks. I felt the better for it, I had put my bad day behind me and I was feeling very positive about facing the scales. The reason I'm throwing this in here as a possible reason for a gain on the scales is that with SW exercise can take a few weeks to show along the food optimizing on the scales, I've heard other ladies in group complain about this when they have a gain on a week where the only thing they change is adding some body magic.. 
Now I know this is a long shot with me, especially after my over consumption on Saturday.. but its still a slight possibility... 

Unfortunately the scales didn't go my way this week, but I'm not going to let the last week of good eating and habits go to waste, I'm certain that if I put another good week in, the scales will start to move the right way.. I'm aiming for a loss of 4lbs 

Weight lost to date: 3lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Setting Goals for Sep/ Oct 2014 & Weigh In

Weigh In & Healthy Eating

I'm happy to report that I was down 3.5lbs on Thursday evening, so I was happy with that.. its a good start to getting the "happy holiday pounds" back off.

I must admit, I feel a lot better in myself this week after eating well and drinking lots of water, my belly in working order and the bloated feeling has gone and my skin seems/ feels clearer and best of all I've taken back control.

I know that sounds silly when we're talking about food. Bit when I eat badly its a downward spiral for me, the more crap I eat, the more I crave/want it, the worse I feel and the Guilts,
OH the guilts, they're just awful and so not worth it really!!

But when I'm on plan, eating well, deciding and planning my daily meals, I feel good and have no guilt that I'm saving my syns to get my sugar fix everyday.. Its a better way to be and it suits me better, it keeps my mood swings at bay and its less of a headmelt for me since food is constantly on my mind. Its great to say that I'm loosing weight and still eating chocolate everyday.

Resetting Goals

So I've been thinking that maybe I should reset a few goals for myself for the month ahead to help keep me motivated and focused

1. Stay within my syns everyday and on the Slimming World plan.

2. Get out and walk, even if just for 20 minutes

3. Look for a circuit class/ boot camp or spinning class in my area and book in (I think I need the structure of booking in back in my life)

5. Get my 1 stone cert, 1.5 stone cert, Club 10 award

6. Try new recipes and food.

13 weeks to Christmas, my goal is to buy a gorgeous dress for my Christmas party in a size smaller.
Have you set yourself some goals or targets to get you through the next few months?

Weight lost to date: 4lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Post holiday Weigh In 2014

Post holiday Weigh In

Number of times I've thought about writing this post 15; Number of excuses I've found not to write this post 37 ; Guilty feelings when I “don’t have time” to write this post 50;
Number of good reasons to not write this post 0; Number of reasons that this post is needed/ overdue 10

Time to pull off the plaster and come clean and own up to my weight gain and get it over with!!! Yes, I have been avoiding writing this post since I weighed in last Thursday night!
But what good is that doing to my mental state of mind? None! As you can tell from the beginning of this post, this has been playing on my mind all weekend. (and I also read the new Bridget Jones book on my hols- loved it)

So I’m just going to say it. I was up 9lbs at my weigh in.
Yes, you heard that right.. 9 pounds. It shows how easily I can gain weight when I eat like a crazy lady, let out /off plan for a week!!

The damage has been done, there isn't anything else to be said on this!! (trust me I've had all the conversations possible with myself over the last week- you don't wanna hear my inner monologue)
I knew a gain was coming but had told myself it would be 5 lbs tops!! (oops)

But 9 lbs is one hell of a food baby. I had a lovely holiday, ate what and when I fancied; for me the damage was done by food and coke, rather than alcohol (although I had some of that too)

Yummy Holiday Dessert

I've had mixed emotions about all of this all of last week… dread.. anxiety.. sick.. fear.. dread again… 

I stepped on the scales with my eyes closed, praying for a miracle but expecting the worse and it was confirmed once the numbers settle.

Then the emotions went into overdrive….. sick.. shock.. disgust.. anger.. fear.. guilt.. bad.. bold.. grrr

No one to blame but myself... all my hard work through the summer... undone in under 2 weeks off plan.

This proves how much I need Slimming World and Food Optimizing in my life at the moment, because I have no portion control or self control when "let loose" I'll never be one of those "normal" people that can eat what they like, and I have to accept that and learn how to live like me and how to be good to me and my body.

I felt rotten leaving last Thursday nights weigh in.. 

But I have a plan..... 

Weight lost to date: 0.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Pre holiday Weigh In 2014

I'm sorry to report that I didn't get my one stone award last night at group!!
In fact I was up 1.5lbs, not the post I wanted to write just before I head away on my holidays.

I was full of good intentions and determination but sometimes life just gets in the way and that's what happened me this week. I wasn't as on it as I should have been! I guessed a few syn values of things, had a few slithers of peoples birthday cakes, and all these "little  tastes of things" add up & I think that's what caught me.

I was of the attitude that I  was being sooooooooooooo good and I was... with my main meals, but my snacking was my down fall, (as usual) small slice of birthday cake on Monday, shared a bit of cake on Tuesday, had a few Milk Tray sweets on Weds (sure they're only small) & we won't speak of the bars of Milka that were in the canteen at work!!!
Once I get a taste for sugar at all, I'm a divil for it and turn into the girl that "can't say no"

Say NO to Cake

Not that its a good enough excuse, I gave into it, I know my behavior is not rational when there's cake to be had and I was sorry afterwards but not sorry enough that it was a once off!!
I done it 3 days in a row and still thought that "it'd be grand" silly me!! I know I'm only fooling myself but it was just one of those weeks for me. I'd like to blame the weather, mother nature, god, the government, the voices in my head that you can't reason with BUT not myself because I had the best of intentions so that exempts me from blame!!! (I wish)

So there you have it. Cake/ my greediness is the reason why I failed to meet my holiday target and it's all my own fault!
I'm a little disappointed but it's showing me that I cant have my cake and a good weigh in, so after my holidays I'll have to give up the cake for a bit!!
Something will have to go and it needs to be my muffin top.

Muffin Top

Weight lost to date: 9.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Woman of the Year & Weigh In

So I never mentioned in last weeks post that I was nominated for Woman of the Year in my Slimming World Group. I was very surprised to be nominated, but its not all about who has lost the most weight, its also about people that inspire and help other people in group. So it was  nice thing to be nominated really.

7 of us were nominated 2 weeks ago, so at last Thursdays meeting after the weigh in's the 7 of us had to talk for 2 minutes about how Slimming World now fits into our lifestyles, then the others in the group got to vote for the winner. I didn't win, but that's ok because the girl was won I was thrilled for, she's 16 and received her 2 stone cert that night, so she was definitely a worthy winner. As a nominee I got a bunch of flowers, which was a nice touch I thought, I also won the raffle, which was SW cupboard staples, so I was happy.

I post all my photos of my food and exercise daily if you want to see what I'm eating here on instagram & here on Twitter

Thursday night was also Taster night, where all the members make a slimming world friendly dish & share the recipe. Its a great way to try new things and also get new ideas. I brought mini quiches & mini smash pizzas, which went down really well.. I tried SW friendly brownies & SW ferrero rocher.

I was down 0.5lbs at weigh in, which is ok (I got my appetite back after being sick, but 5lbs in 2 weeks is good in my opinion)
So this week I'm going to aim high, get extra Superfree into me and be down 3lbs before I go on my holidays and get my one stone cert

Weight lost to date: 11lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

When the vomiting bug is a good thing!!

Hey All,

I don't have a lot to report! I didn't manage to put any of my new goals into action yet...
I was minding my niece (1.5) and nephew(4.5) last weekend, so that kept me busy, but not really as "on plan" as I would have liked, there was a lot of eating out and fun and ice cream!!!
Then on Monday I wasn't feeling great and the next 3 days were awful, I had caught the vomiting bug, I ate very little and slept A LOT. Thankfully I'm over it now and my appetite has returned, (just about)

The only good news about being sick this week is that it showed on the scales on Thursday and this week I was down 4.5lbs, (which was great especially after my 2.5lb gain last week)
So this loss puts me back on track for my one stone award before my holidays. 2 weigh in's and 3.5lbs to go

Weight lost to date: 10.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards

**pics from Google images

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Setting Goals for August 2014

Hey All,

Hope ye enjoyed the long weekend! I'm blaming that for me not posting on Monday (ahem or Tues or Weds!)

I'm happy to report that at my weigh in last Thursday night, I was down 1.5lbs woo hoo :):)

Setting Goals

So I've been thinking that maybe I should set a few goals for myself for the month of August to keep me motivated and focused

1. Stay within my syns everyday and on the Slimming World plan  (not just on work days, very bad habit)

2. Get out and walk AT LEAST 3 times a week (I used to get out 5 days a week!)

3. Look for a circuit class/ boot camp or spinning class in my area and book in (I think I need the structure of booking in back in my life)

4. Download Couch to 5k AGAIN and get past week 3 (I've signed myself up for the Cork mini marathon on 28th Sep 14 so that's a motivation)

5. Get my stone Cert before I go on my holidays (4 weigh in's to go)

OK, so numbers 2,3 & 4 are all exercise related but I think that I feel better in myself when I'm more active and I'm also less likely to have the time or the inclination to sit in and eat crap/ poorly if I'm going to classes and feeling my boobs hitting my belly and belly slapping off my thighs (yes this does happen even with a sports bra) So I'm hoping that the walking will lead to running and if I get out and do that 3 times a week, then I can easily book into a class for at least one night a week...

I think I'm being realistic with these mini goals, every little helps as the famous slogan goes, and hopefully achieving these 5 goals this month will boost my self confidence before I go on my holidays and wear a bikini, but also get me back into exercising full time again.

Do you set yourself mini goals?

Weight lost to date: 8.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards

Say No