Friday, 12 February 2016

WEEK 6 - week off plan

Hey guys,

So it was my birthday last week, we went to London for the weekend AND Pancake Tuesday happened, so it wasn’t the worst week to have off plan…….

London was great fun, we done LOADS.. arrived early Sat morning, we were in the Science museum by 10.30, then I got cupcakes from The Hummingbird bakery (unbelievable)
We got the tube to Harrods for a walk around.... went to a yummy steakhouse for dinner that done a duo of cheesecakes for dessert (need I say more:-))

Sunday - we had breakfast, queued for the natural history museum, dinosaur expo was CLOSED!!! I was gutted!!
Then we went tube hopping to visit, London eye, big ben, Westminster & MI6 building....
London eye, big ben, Westminster & MI6 building

After a busy morning, we went to visit Hamleys & hit Oxford street for some retail therapy….


I also saw people with Hummingbird bakery  bags, so tracked it down and had a slice of Rainbow Cake (highlight of my trip)
We strolled thru Selfridges to avoid the rain & went for Dinner in Covent Gardens in Maxwell’s (delish)

Hummingbird Bakery

We were very lucky to get home on Monday.. the early flight was delayed in Stansted by 8 hours!!! we walked passed them and got our flight and were only delayed by 45min over the winds in Cork!!!!

I was very happy to be home but exhausted after the weekend!! my legs are still heavy!!
We did 17,000 steps on Sat & 28,000 steps on Sunday according to my Fitbit!

I took Tues off work, himself went to work, I hit the couch and ate lotsa pancakes :-)

So I happily accepted my 4lb gain at Slimming World and plan to get back on track ASAP

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 5 - Jan/Feb 2016

January is finally over…. Can I get a woohoo J Hello Spring & February

Star week and birthday week for me which see’s me going waaay over my syns on 3 days!!
Hey, no one said this was going to be straight forward or easy! BUT the queen of excuses refuses to quit…. 

Friday 29th Jan 2016 – Day 26
Still feeling nauseous, so didn’t eat much!!! Star week has arrived also!!! So not the best combo to start my day!!!
Today was off plan! I just ate what I thought I’d be able to keep down!
2.5 Litres of Water & ??syns

Sick Day

Saturday 30th Jan 2016 – Day 27
Woke up feeling better, went to Spinning and hopefully sweated out the end of whatever bug I picked up!!
I was careful with my food today “just in case”
Dinner was a Chinese take away 8 syns and having 3 chocolate biscuits put me over my syns for the day but counting it as a win!
1 hour Spinning & 1.5 Litres of Water & 23 syns

3 biscuits = 12 syns

Sunday 31st  Jan 2016 – Day 28
Today started well, breakfast * lunch were on plan, I got my food shopping in for the week BUT we had visitors for the afternoon and I let myself get too hungry and also Hangry!
So dinner was off plan pizza! Not sure why I find it so difficult to stay onplan at the weekend!!!
1 Litre of Water & ??syns

HEB + 1.5 syns (light cheese triangle)

Monday 1st  Feb 2016 – Day 29
Have my usual Monday morning determination about me even tho I didn’t sleep very well!!
Ate as much fruit as I could to get the speed food into me!!
Suffered in Spinning class tonight, my dinner was jumping in my throat! Not a good feeling!
Had some dry half a syn biscuits to ease the queasy feeling
1 hour Spinning & 3 Litres of Water & 2.5 syns

Synfree Roast Chicken Dinner

Tuesday 2nd  Feb 2016 – Day  30
Woke up tired!! I assume its how Tuesdays will be after a busy Monday and Spinning!!
3 meals were on plan.. had a quiet day and early night…  Had 2 x chocolate biscuits to use some syns
2.5 Litres of Water & 11 syns

Tuesday Treat

Wednesday 3rd  Feb 2016 – Day  31
Today is my birthday, 32.. how did that happen!!! My birthday surprise is a trip to London THIS Sat (lucky me)
So today at work I cancelled cake (we always get cake when there’s a birthday in the office!)
My 3 main meals were 100% on plan (lunch was 1.5 syns for light cheese triangle) So that when I went to my parents for dinner, I was able to join in the “party” with my nieces and nephew & have birthday cake
Cake pushes me over my syns, but I’m ok with that…. It is my birthday after all
2 Litre of Water & ??syns

Happy Birthday to Me

Thursday 4th  Feb 2016 – Day  31
Weigh Days here once again…. I’m feeling good today, and kinda lean and light, could be all in my head,  but regardless of what the scales says I plan to enjoy my weekend away…

Hit the scales and walked away with a maintain….. very happy with that  J
2.5 Litres of Water & 11 syns


I’m taking the next few days off, but I’ll pop in next Friday with my weigh in result xxx

 7lb lost to date
74lb to go

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 4 - Jan 2016

I feel like the weeks are going faster because I’m telling ye about my day every day.. HOWEVER I think its helping me to stay on track!!
I really need a plan for the weekend tho! How do you all cope with being out of routine and a near empty fridge til shopping day (Sundays for me)?

Friday 22nd Jan 2016 – Day 19
Planned my breakfast and lunch to be synfree so that I could enjoy my onplan take away later AND some chocolate
That’s a win in my books J
2.5 Litre of Water & 17.5syns

8 syn Wispa from the Multipack

Saturday 23rd Jan 2016 – Day 20
Went to 10am spinning to start off my weekend… its getting dare I say a little bit easier!!! Brunch afterwards was a very tasty toasted bagel, synfree using my HEA (milk in tea) & HEB (bagel slim)
Dinner was on plan SW burger & chips…. But my snacking was a bit mad, so I went way over my syns, not even going to attempt to add them up but I did still write them in my food diary.
2 Litre of Water & Spinning & ??syns

SW Chips with Cheeseburger (2) & side salad

Sunday 24th  Jan 2016 – Day 21
Sundays breakfast and lunch were onplan, but then we went to see our wedding band play in a showcase and decided to eat dinner in town, it was delicious and my dinner, so I don’t regret it.
However it did mean that later in the evening I allowed myself some extra treats for turning down dessert earlier!!!!
1.5 Litre of Water & ??syns

Bunless Bacon & cheese Burger with Chips

Monday 25th  Jan 2016 – Day 22
Back to eating well 100% I plan to keep my meals synfree free if I can this week and my syns low to see if I can make amends for my 2 days of madness!!
I am seeing a pattern tho!!  Me & weekend – Brain thinks “lets eat EVERYTHING and worry about it on Mon”
Enjoyed spinning after a bad day at work, it was a good way to get me outta my negative funk J
3.5 Litre of Water & Spinning & 8syns

Mushy Pea Curry (synfree)

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016 – Day 23
Heavy legs today after last nights spinning!! Walking up the stairs to work its like they woke up and decided to weigh a ton each!!
Was at the hairdressers from 5-9pm ( I brought onplan snacks), so ate my dinner really late because I was starving and decided my dinner was better than picking!!
2.5 Litre of Water & 8syns

Egg Muffins & Hifi

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016 – Day 24
Tired today!!! Had egg muffin for breakfast so that I could have a bagel for lunch, it felt like a such a treat, but it was 100% on plan.. that makes me happy!
Had a couch night to relax and catch up on tv because the next week is going to be busy
3 Litre of Water & 14.5 syns

Toasted Bagel Slim  (HEB) with chicken Salad 

Thursday 28th Jan 2016 – Day 25
Weigh Day again!!  Had Overnight oats fro Breakfast.. YUM (link here) 
Didn't feel great when I got to work, so just had boiled water with lemon all day! Decided to go to the early weigh in... I was down 2.5lbs, bought some new bars to try and left!!! I did have a small bit of dinner in my mums and it stayed down and I had some Salt & Vinegar crisps to see if it would help with the nauseous feeling... it kind of did and I got some sleep!! So felt ill all day but didnt get sick, probably because there was nothing in my stomach!!! 
3 Litre of Water & ??syns

Weight Lost to Date: 7lbs

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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