Monday, 28 July 2014

Slimming World & me

Hey Guys,

I've been very slow to write a post about Slimming World, even tho I really think its amazing and the results speak for themselves, check out their magazine or website, but even in my group, the ladies are doing so well. I'm delighted for them every week as I share in their success.

I however have been playing the yo-yo game, up and down every single week since I joined in April (not exactly a poster girl for the programme) So I decided that until I got a cert to stick on my fridge then I would not be writing a post about it.
However if you follow me on instagram or Twitter you will be sick of seeing my daily posts of all my meals (sorry not sorry!). I find that taking photos of the food helps me to make better choices.
I also think instagram is great for getting food ideas and recipes. (I'm told that pinterest is too, but I can't get a handle on it.. showing my ages*ahem*)

So last Thursday night... it happened for me.. I lost 1lb and got my half a stone cert.. FINALLY :) I was delighted to get it and the clap I got from my group, it was lovely :) I think my clap was the loudest of the evening ,the girls knew its been a long time coming for me.

Half  Stone Award

So I have a lovely shiney sticker on the back of my book and I have the certificate on my fridge at home to remind me to choose wisely when I open the fridge.

So I'm sorry for the long (not planned) absence, but as I said, I wanted to wait until I had a progress report before I came back on here, otherwise this would be a confessional post about all the bad food I've been eating.

Thankfully tho I'm loosing,  its taken me 3 months to get off the 7lbs but that's ok because I know they are now gone forever and also it means that I didn't fall into the trap of "move in with the boyfriend and gain a stone" that was a big fear of mine.

So I'm back and I'm a total Slimming World convert, so I will be back to posting my weigh in's weekly and letting ye know how I'm getting on. I'll also post some recipes if ye like (the easy ones that is, cuz I'm not the best chef)

Do any of you following the Slimming World plan?  how do ye find it?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Hangry.... Yes it’s a “thing”….

1.   Urban Dictionary: Hangry
Hangry. When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

I’ve experienced this a few times I must admit, but it was when I “suffered” from it last night that I had to stop and think about my behavior.

Yes this happens to all of us at one stage or another I’m sure!
But just because your hungry, does that give you the right to be angry and emotional and possibly take it out on who ever is around at the time? Is it someone else’s fault that you are hungry and now angry?
I don’t think so!

I thought that I had this little issue of mine under control, because I find that if I don’t eat regularly, I get too hungry and don’t know what I want and also because if I let myself get that hungry, then I eat the wrong food.

Yesterday however it kinda crept up on me!
Yesterday for me was what I would call a Hungry Day… the kind of day where I could eat every 30 minutes and never be full or satisfied! I realised this around lunch time, so I was eating extra fruit to try and get me through. Thankfully I knew that my dinner only had to be microwaved to be ready when I got home, for this I was thankful, I got home, put my Bolognese in the microwave and put spaghetti in the pot to cook….. in less than 10 minutes I was sitting and eating my dinner, it was lovely, but I ate way too fast and there was definitely a taste of more from it. I told myself tho, that once the food went down that I would be grand, so I tidied up, made myself a cuppa and sat down for 20 mins to let said dinner hit my stomach, so that I would feel full….. I’d still be waiting I’d say!

So I got up, changed and got ready to go for my walk, we got to the half way mark and I asked could we turn back!! I probably should have gone for the walk on my own, because I couldn't even speak, I was like a demon… I was on the verge of crying.. FOR NO REASON at all!!! I was angry with myself for feeling angry with myself!! It was madness!! So we cut the walk short, went home.. I sat down and was trying to figure out what the fudge my problem was and then it hit me… I was HANGRY!! D’oh!

BUT at least now that I knew what the problem was, I could fix it! Thankfully I had left over Slimming World chicken Curry and rice in the fridge ready for my work lunch the following day… That went into the microwave and 5 minutes later I was eating and I felt calmer, my emotions calmed and I could think straight and see how crazy I had been acting for the previous 2 hours!! It was a relief to myself too! I thought I was going mad! I really thought that I’d have to go to bed and write the evening off as a bad day!!!
So being hangry caught up with me and won!!!

It was awful tho and now I feel so guilty for my behavior, I wasn't far off a spoilt child throwing themselves on the floor and having a tantrum (if I thought I’d get away with it, I would have)

Has this ever happened to you?  This isn't the first time that this has happened to me, but its been a while and I forgot about it temporarily.

I really should come with a warning sign!! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lazy lazy and going crazy

I’ve written this post in my head a couple of times over the last few days! When I do this, then I know that a blog post is brewing J It’s a good thing for me because in the last 2 months I have noticed that I have become LAZY and not just in the ‘watching my bum grow’ sense.

I’m lazy at work (era I’ll do it later), I’m lazy at home (I’ll clean at the weekend/ unpack tomorrow night, the couch is calling) Lazy with regards to exercise, in that the only exercise I do is walking to my car!!
I can feel the lazy taking over everything!!
I’m dropping food on myself (ick & a wasteful), not changing my nail polish very often (whaaaat), not making plans cuz I can’t be arsed (lazylazy) I haven’t blogged in god knows how long (probably because I‘d have to admit to being lazy!….)
I’ve been going around in a lazy daze… yawning my way through my days, having no interest in anything at all… for no particular reason… and its not fun or good for me really!!! I’m not sure how this has happened but I have an idea and now its time for me to get back up off my arse and grab life by the  balls and get back on the weight loss wagon 100%

On top of the move (which happened quite quickly once we found the right place for us) I was in the process of switching banks and also trying to teach myself how to run so I had a busy & stressful couple of months. Shall I elaborate? OK so……

1.  The Move
So in big news, I moved out of home last month J Yip me and the boy are now renting a lovely apartment not too far away from home.. It’s a BIG change for both of us and it has taken us a while to find a new routine and get used to living together 24/7 (its not the same as hols) but its been brill so far and I’m really enjoying it. But as I say, a BIG change for me… I’ve been living at home forever (bar a brief 9 month escape to Oz 6 years ago) and my mum is fantastic, as all mums are but…. she had me ruined… She done all my washing and ironing, and my dinner was on the table everyday when I came in from work and I had no clue how to use the washing machine!!! My cooking skills were limited to say the least!!! So moving out for me (or anyone) was/is a BIG HUGE DEAL… there was lots to do/ organise and buy J (we didn't own a tea towel between but we've done it and now I feel like a proper grown up, finally moving out of the family home at the age of 30… lol

Moving at any time in ones life is very stressful and time consuming and it took priority in my life…. So eating well and exercise took a back seat for some unknown/ crazy reason!!! Everyone warned me that moving out of home means gaining at least a stone! And although I swore I would be different and this wouldn't happen to me (yeah right) I can see how it happens!! Oh so easily!! I could feel myself falling into the trap of it and was very slow to resist..
Doing my very own food shopping and being able to buy ANYTHING I wanted! WOW (not sure why this was such a novelty, but it was)

2.       Switching Banks
I thought this would be straightforward and easy! I thought I’d fill out the forms and the bank would do the rest and that would be it. I.WAS.WRONG.
This ended up taking over 4 weeks, endless phone calls where I had to “verify” myself every.bloody.time before I could ask/ answer a question.. very frustrating I must say, and all the paperwork that was involved, you’d swear I was buying the bank, not just switching my accounts over!!
But I got there and only this week is everything finally sorted… I have all my cards and accounts in order!! Phew

3.       Learning to run
After my holidays and Easter, I downloaded the couch to 5k app and decided that it was time for me to start moving and with the change in the weather I thought I’d give running a go. (sounded like a good idea in my head) So I puffed and panted my way through the first 3 weeks of the app and I was doing ok.. not great by any means, but I could almost run for 2 minutes without stopping… Around this time at work there was talks of putting a relay team together to run the Cork city marathon… The lads at work convinced me that if I kept at it that I would definitely be able to run 5 miles non stop within 2 months!!! I got caught up in the hype and agreed to try my best to do it… This was all in April when I was browsing more than facebook, seeing if there were any nice places to possibly rent in the future… about a week after that I viewed an apartment, really liked it, took the boy to view it, he really liked it and the wheels were in motion for us to rent said apartment, once we jumped through all the hoops, filed all the paperwork and got the bank issues sorted.

This all happened when I was suppose to be focusing on running for longer and getting fit enough to be able to run in a race… IN JUNE….   Around this time getting 30 minutes to myself to go for a run/ walk just wasn't happening, so when I did get to go I didn't bother with my C25K app and decided to just run for as long as I felt I could, get my breath back and go again.. (sounds straightforward enough) during the 2nd time trying this way of running (I was in panic stations with less than 3 weeks to the race and I still couldn't run 1 k without stopping)  I went down heavy on my left foot, tried to shake it off and kept going, I was attempting to run/hop/ limb along my route, telling myself that I was looking for another excuse to stop…. But after 5 minutes I knew I had done something to my foot, so I stopped and sat on a wall!! I even had to ring and get someone to collect me to bring me home because I couldn't have limbed/ hopped back!!!  And that was the end of my running!!
 I went into work the following week and told them that I wouldn't be running the race with them! I felt bad, but in reality, I hadn't given myself enough time to be physically able to run any race, let alone a leg of the marathon!!

I did go to the marathon and cheer everybody on, regardless if they were doing the relay, half or full marathon… they all did brill in my opinion J So now when I drive passed people running the roads I have a new found respect for them, because it isn't easy at all.
My leg was fine afterwards, I was limping for about a week ,but ice packs and elevating it helped… We had moved out during this time also and the new bed was a killer for me, it was 2 weeks before I got a full nights sleep and the bed is so low that my back was broken up during this time too (see didn't I tell you I’m the queen of excuses and you must know by now that there’s ALWAYS something wrong with me)

So these have been my excuses/ reasons as to why I’ve been so off track with weight loss, healthy living, exercise and life in general.. There’s never a good time to do any of these things but doing them all at the same time… well its madness really but I’ve gotten through it, although I do have a larger bum and  a spotty face (and possibly a bald patch…)

The only good thing I can report is that I didn't stop going to my slimming world meetings!! I went and took the gains that were coming my way!! Was this a good idea or bad idea? I don’t know!! Good I would think because I’ve still been keeping track of my weight, even tho its been going in the wrong direction…

There’s been a lot of changes in my life in the last 6 weeks, but there are still more to come and I think I’m ready to pop my lazy bubble and get on with it…..

 **Photos from Google Images**

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Food Associations

Anyone that reads my blog is well aware  of my sugar addiction and my love of all things cake and biscuit related.
I love food in general but have a particular weakness when the C word is mentioned/offered/ sniffed.
Think Homer Simpson with doughnuts....

mmmmmmmm Cake

I used to have great will power and motivation. I would be so focused that I could say no to anything that was on offer and feel a little bit proud of myself for it.
But lately I can feel old habits slipping in. I can’t pass the cake shop in my local shopping center without thinking “will I” or “I’ll pick up a few for X/us as a treat” 

I am also very much an emotional eater, as in any excuse and I’m celebrating/ commiserating/ feeling happy/ sad/ bored/ cold/ bad day/ good day/ stressed
These would all be food associated feelings in my mind. Even if I’m not feeling any of the above and only popping to a friends house for a chat I stop at the shop for…. Yip you guessed it.. cake to go with the tea and chats…. (sure it would be rude to arrive empty handed)

I got so bad a couple of weeks ago that I realised that I had eaten cake at least once everyday!! I mean who eats cake EVERY SINGLE DAY? **raises hand** apparently I do!

Now that I've realised that I was doing this, I have been trying to avoid cake filled situations, this has meant less trips to the shops, supermarket (un-escorted), going to the shop hungry.

This hasn't been working out too well for me BUT I can say that I haven’t eaten cake EVERY day, but I've still been eating a lot of cake.

It’s the cake that catches me off guard that's a killer for me, why you ask? I can’t say no to it.. that’s where the problem for me lies at the moment.

When someone brings cake to the lunch room for morning tea (this seems to happen a lot lately) I take a little bit piece and say that it’ll do me, a little taste of the good stuff, but if I’m being honest, its never enough!! I’d probably eat it until a. it was gone or b. I was sick.. Whilst I walk away after having a small bit, it plays on my mind….
Its like its calling me from the kitchen and sometimes I’m  on a sweat about it.. tell myself that IF there's some still there after my lunch at 2, then I can have another piece! This is a little game that I play with myself.. Sometimes I’m relieved when I go to the kitchen and its all gone, but other times I’m disappointed because I wanted more!! It’s a vicious circle of mind games with myself!

Lately tho I've found that I’m back to associating having a cuppa with having something nice once again!! I had cut this habit out totally and used to see the cup of tea as my treat!! This isn't cutting it any more and now when I have a cuppa I feel the need to have “something”
So in the same way that people associate Saturday nights with a night on the town or a glass of wine. I associate having a cup of hot hot lovely tea with having something nice (preferably cake)

I have attempted to make the Slimming World healthy version cakes. I made the scan bran choc muffins, which were soggy bottomed and horrible and I attempted chocolate brownies, which I left in the oven for too long and became more like rocks than cake! But I will try others and hopefully find something that will help me along…

I am  trying to curb my tea and “something nice” issue at the moment (ahem, well the last 2 weeks), in that I bring my lunch and snacks to work and don’t venture outside, so its only when someone else brings a treat to work or there's a birthday in the office that there is “something nice” in the vicinity and I’m on a sweat.

It’s the evening time. I think my cuppa after my dinner is almost my favourite of the day..
I don’t have anything with this (except my daily fix of Home & Away) but this kick-starts the kettle being hit hourly until bed time if I’m not going out that evening and with that comes the voices in my head telling me to have a biscuit with my cuppa, and I do….. but then when its time for another cuppa, I’m thinking  mmmm those biscuits were nice, I think I’ll have another few…. Your seeing a pattern here aren't ya?

I’m usually the first to say, Brush your teeth, try the 20 mins rule, have fruit or yogurt instead, DON’T have another cuppa, go do something else….. But at the moment it’s a struggle and all of these ideas are good and WORK but not for me right now!!

Am I the only one who can’t take their own advise? Am I the only one who has these kind of first world problems?

I’m just a girl who can’t say no to cake even when the clothes are getting tight and the wobbly bits have extra wobble going on!!!!


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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Being a lazyass!

I've been away from the blog for way too long!! I kept telling myself that I must start making time for it again and get back into the habit of regular posts, but truth is I've gotten lazy and not just with the blog!!

I've gotten lazy with all aspects of my life at the moment, I stopped blogging, healthy eating, exercising, I even stopped flossing my teeth for a bit!!! That's how lazy I'd become!!

This year has been a struggle for me, I've been feeling a bit Meh and seem to have lost my mojo.
The food baby from Christmas spilled into February for my birthday and then I went to the states in March and the Food Baby was almost at full term by the end of the holiday!! And I was feeling it BIG time, and yet my new habit of being lazy was preventing me from doing anything!
yes I was upset that only a quarter of my wardrobe was fitting me and that I had no energy and was becoming a bit paranoid again.... I was however still reaching for the chocolate biscuits and craving bad food all the time!!

I knew something had to give, and I was also betting that my mojo wasn't going to return all by itself, that I had to take back the control of my life and make better decisions.

So at the start of April I started to eat a little better and force myself into my tracksuit and out the front door for a quick walk. I must admit that it was the walking/ me time that I've realised that I've missed the most these last few months, I had been going to classes and "doing a bit" but its really not the same as plugging in the headphones and getting lost in your own thoughts for a while. its good for my metal health and sanity if nothing else.

After a week of doing my own thing I realised that i need the structure of a weekly weigh in to keep me on track and away from the fridge in the evening!!

I am a picker that wears BIGGER knickers

I saw a post on facebook that Slimming World was starting a class in my area, )not 5 minutes from my house in fact.) Its probably one of the only classes/ programmes that I've never ever tried ever and had no information about. So I decided that I would pop along to the first meeting to suss it out and see if its for me.

The meeting lasted 2 hours and maybe I'm a consumers dream/ total sucker but by the end of the meeting I believed that this could work for me. That maybe just maybe this healthy lifestyle change was the new way forward for me. I must admit, I was excited, there was something ignited in me that evening.
I joined up, faced the scales and learnt that I had gained 9.5lbs since I last stepped on a scales (before Vegas & Paddy's Day) it felt like it should have been more to be honest.
The following day I joined the SW website and spent most of the day reading through all the success stories and their lovely recipes. This is definitely a new challenge trying to rewire my brain to this new way of thinking and eating.

After the meeting I decided that I needed to changed my exercise routine also, I was chatting to the girls in the office and one of them started jogging with Operation Transformation (Irish weight loss tv show) in January and had since run a 5k run and was now training for a 10k in May.
I asked her a million and seven questions and I then decided that I would try this, that my power walks would now be training me how to jog/ run. So I downloaded the Couch to 5K app to my phone (I'l do a separate post on this)

So I'm struggling to get back on the wagon 100% but I'm hanging onto the back of it at the moment and I refuse to get off/ give up.  I have a new plan of sorts and I'm sure that once I give it a few weeks to get into a routine of sorts that I'll get back on track and get rid of this damn food baby once and for all!!

But I'm back to blogging and being accountable and that matters.......

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Art

Happy Easter

Before I tuck into a lovely Roast dinner for Easter, I thought I'd show ye all my Easter nails.

Right hand has 2 chicks, one got a little dent,..

Quick touch up job and he's Grand ...

Left hand just got the one chick I'm afraid, but lotsa lovely polka dots (my favourite)

Unfortunately I started to tidy away before the top coat was dry and this happened!!!
I've no luck with chicks!!! Poor chick lost half his face!!!!

What I used

  • Yes Love - 578 Speckled Green
  • Ticket to Gorgeous Nails - Kiss me Quick (Boots - Light Blue)
  • Rimmel Salon Pro 247- Isn't she Precious?
  • Yes Love - 2905 Speckled Blue
  • Rimmel Salon Pro 312 - Ultra Violet
  • Catrice 700 Birdy Reloaded
  • Essence Colour & Go 145 Flashy Pumpkin
  • Models Own Neon Bubblegum
  • Catrice 850 Aretha's R.E.S.P.I.N.K
  • Essence Tip Painter - White
  • Pennys - Black Nail Art Pen
  • Dotter (ebay)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Embracing Me - #Stylesquad, Mahon Point

#Stylesquad Mahon Point

Last week I had an appointment with the Style Squad Ladies in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork.
I had heard it advertised on a local radio station a couple of weeks and applied for an appointment for me and my mother, thinking it would be a nice treat for both of us and also a good way to pick up some tips for free (the magic word
This is an event that the shopping center do for charity every couple of months, the charity for this one was "Dress for Success" so everyone that applies for a make over must donate an item of clothing or shoes that are nearly new and suitable to be worn to an interview. I took something from the "still new with tags still on pile to donate" 

I met the stylists and told them what kind of look I was looking for advise/ tips on and we started from there.
I wanted some advise on casual weekend wear, clothes that would take me from shopping, to lunch with the girls, to dinner and cinema with the boy in the evening. Something that I could throw on and be confident that I could pull it off and look reasonably put together!

They had picked some outfits in my size and had them waiting in the dressing room for me. The outfits had been picked from my email, not from the chat that I had when I arrived, so some of the outfits weren't really "for me" but I happily tried on all the different bits to see if something I would never pick for myself would suit. Now they only took a photo of my final outfit (as you can see in the photo) but I tried on a couple of different outfits also. 
  • I tried a white linen flared leg trouser with the coral top (it aged me and highlighted my belly area)

  • I tried on jeans from next and a white lace River island top (The jeans gave me a muffin top & the top was elasticated at the waist and highlighted my wobbly bits)

  • I tried on a lovely navy dress from Oasis but it didn't sit right on me at all!! 

  • We eventually settled on what you can see pictured below
    • Molly Jeggings - River Island (30e) 
    • Coral Top - The Collection, Debenhams (45e)
    • Cream leather Jacket - River Island (60e)
    • Shoes - Clarks (didn't check the price sorry)
    • Necklace (think it was oasis, not sure) 

Clothes from Mahon Point Shopping Centre

I think the photo of me looks well overall, in reality the top and jacket were the wrong sizes (too small) and didn't sit/fit well on my frame. The shoes I didn't like and were too high for me. BUT you can't tell that from the photo. 

I was then introduced to Aoife from  Peter Marks, we talked hair. I told her that my hair is either in a bun/ ponytail for work/ gym or straightened at the weekends. So she suggested some curls, which I agreed too, I can never curl it properly myself, she done these with the ghd and then pinned the side bits back from my face. Really liked it I must say. 

Hair by Peter Marks

The consultant from No.7 then went to work on my face, I didn't get a list of products that she used (a rookie mistake I know) I do know that she used a BB cream rather than a foundation foundation, she went for a soft smokey eye, using bronzes and brown glitters with just a little bit of black on the corners, and a pinky lipgloss.

Make Up by No.7 consultant

Overall I enjoyed my hour of pampering and advise. I did buy the jeans afterwards and I love them. I'm definitely planning to get a biker style leather jacket also. I had thought that I was "too big" too pull one off but after this experience I've decided that I can wear anything  I want once I wear it with confidence.
A professional photo was also taken of me on the day, I haven't received it yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing myself in a glossy 6 x 4.

This day really was a nice confidence boost and a step in the right direction as I accept my body shape and embrace being me.

They will be doing this again in the Autumn  I was told and I will definitely be booking another appointment.
Any Cork girls out there, I would recommend you do the same.  

**This is not a sponsored post, nor was  I asked by Mahon Point or anyone else to write this blog post about my experience. **